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Why is my Amazon in Spanish

Why is my amazon in Spanish

Why is my amazon in Spanish? Neither did I change my language nor did I do anything else. Despite being the official language of Amazon, visitors and customers can choose a language of their choice. Your Amazon account is preconfigured with a language based on the location of your device, selections in your account settings, and browser preferences, among other factors.

When you click a foreign link, Amazon automatically changes your language preferences. You can easily accomplish this on Google without realising it. The reason my Amazon is in Spanish is because of this. 

By clicking on the German link, I would have been taken to a German Amazon homepage. The French version of my Amazon homepage would have appeared if I clicked the French link. The feature is irritating, but it isn't a bug.

How to change amazon language 

For a language change, follow these steps:

  • Language settings can be found there.

  • You can choose the language you prefer.

  • Your changes have been saved.

While logged in, the language you select will become the default language for your browsing and shopping experience. Additionally, Amazon will contact you in the language of your choice.

Easy steps to change 

Amazon will most likely be in Spanish across all of your browsers and devices if it is in Spanish.

  • Language settings for Amazon

Having Amazon's language set to Spanish is the first thing you should do. You can select your preferred language from the drop-down menu next to the search bar on PC.

You can also select a language from the Amazon Language Settings page, and then click Save. Refresh the page and check again if the language remains unchanged. A confirmation email will also be sent by Amazon after the language settings have been updated.

  • Change country

A total of 20 countries are currently supported by Amazon, each with its own language, prices, and shipping options. When Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries like Mexico is selected on the website as your preferred country/region, Amazon will display items and pages in Spanish.

Changing your browser's country/region of Amazon is as simple as selecting the flag icon next to the search bar and selecting 'Change Country/Region'. In case the website is not in English, it can be found at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

  • Website location 

There are times when it's not your VPN or Amazon settings that are the issue. It is possible for Amazon's language to be reset when visiting from third-party websites. Our research revealed that many of the affected users were experiencing this problem when they clicked on an Amazon product Ad on a third-party website or when they visited Amazon from Google.

The language switch could be caused by three reasons:

  1. Third-party search engines and websites are typically located in Spain (or a Spanish-speaking country).

  2. Amazon marketplace displays the product vendor's product listings in Spanish by default.

  3. Third-party websites or search engines default to Spanish as the language of choice.

  • Get rid of Amazon cookies 

Clearing all Amazon-related information on the browser helped Chrome users fix this annoying language switch problem. Eventually, if you still troubleshoot the issue even after modifying the language and region settings on Amazon and other third-party websites, we recommend that you follow these steps.

  1. Amazon Chrome cache must be cleared

  2. Clearing Amazon Cache in Firefox

  3. The Amazon cache on Microsoft Edge should be cleared

Choose the language of your browser

Depending on your browser settings, Amazon may display pages in Spanish, particularly if your browser supports multiple languages (e.g. Chrome and Firefox). Ensure that Spanish is not chosen as a preferred language in your browser settings and try again.

  • Remove Spanish from Chrome

Check the languages on the preferences page by going to Settings > Advanced > Language. If you come across an option that is Spanish, click on the menu icon next to it, and select Remove.

  • Remove Spanish from Microsoft Edge

You can change the language by clicking on the menu icon and going to Settings > Languages. Choosing Remove from the menu next to Spanish in the Preferred languages section will get rid of it.

Update your browser

An outdated browser or one replete with bugs may impede the performance and customisation of websites. You may need to update your browser to ensure Amazon's language is not set to Spanish.

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