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Part Time Jobs from Home

The ability to work from home on a part-time basis can be beneficial for individuals regardless of status or education. A part-time job at home can offer greater flexibility than a full-time position in an office.

There's a chance that you'd like a second job that has fewer demands than your first one. If you're old enough to be in school, you may want to earn a little money while still studying. Maybe you need a weekend job, or perhaps you are looking for a part-time job that won't stress you out too much.

An employee who works part-time works fewer hours than a full-time employee of the company. A part-time employee is usually considered to be someone who works fewer than 35 hours per week if they work less than 35 per week. 

A stay-at-home job entails doing all your duties from your home, without having to commute to work. The part-time, stay-at-home job is usually one that requires working less than 35 hours per week and allowing you to work remotely or from home on all aspects of your job.

The following are some jobs that you can do from home that are part time.

  1. Transcriptionist  

Transcriber jobs are excellent part-time jobs you can do from home. You will transcribe audio files on your computer as a transcriptionist. The majority of transcription professionals are hired by doctors' offices, but many other businesses are in need of transcription services. There are many transcription jobs that do not require experience or higher education, and most companies allow you to set your own schedule.

  1. Administrative assistant 

Managing the office efficiently doesn't require you to be present in person all the time. Administrative assistance can be provided from the comfort and safety of one's own home by virtual assistants. It depends on the gig that you are hired for, but you can count on a range of duties, from scheduling to email management to social media strategy to event planning. 

Additionally, you can also explore the opportunities listed above through staffing companies, or setup your own freelance portfolio using sites such as FreeUp and Up work.

  1. Sponsorships

This job might be a good fit for you if you're a friendly people person with enthusiasm and the ability to think on your feet, and you're available to work flexible hours, including weekends. A brand ambassador communicates, gives away product samples, and shares product benefits with prospective customers. A full-time brand ambassador makes about $32,000 per year, according to Glass door.

  1. Data entry 

In addition to online jobs, data entry can also be performed in person. Typing accurately and quickly will be required of you. A knowledge of medical or legal terminology, for example, can be helpful for some jobs.

You should be aware of the fact that there are many online data entry scams, so avoid them as much as possible. Paying much more than the standard hourly rate of $15 is a dead giveaway: data entry jobs.

  1. Nanny 

Child care assistance is an essential service for parents, if you didn't already know that from weeks of mandatory homeschooling. Tutors, teachers, and camp counselor are work-from-home opportunities that might be able to utilise their skills when working on screens and through remote services.

For a teacher to teach a subject, it's essential to have expertise, but the amount of knowledge required goes well beyond what you might expect for a standard course. 

Online courses marketplace Out school, for example, permits teachers to showcase their skills in activities including shoe tying, French braiding, and making Dungeons and Dragons characters. It is also possible to host your own story time or show-and-tell session.

  1. Customer service representation 

Your home can be turned into a call centre with just a phone, computer and internet connection. Various businesses, including retail, health care, and technology, use virtual customer service representatives to assist people via phone. If you work online, you can help your customers via email, text messaging, live chat, or social media.

You may have to live in a certain state to do these jobs, even though they are remote. Before applying, make sure you read the fine print.

  1. Freelance Work 

Using your existing skills to boost your income can be achieved through freelancing. Employers who don't want to add employees to their payroll often aren't interested in hiring freelancers. No matter how much or how little you work, it's up to you. 

Check out the job postings on Up work or Out source if you're not sure what you could do. Up work Freelancing in America study finds that skilled freelancers earn approximately $28 an hour - more than 70% of workers in the United States.

  1. Researchers/survey callers 

Using surveys or market research is an easy way to make a lot of money by phone. It's not necessary for you to sell anything. It is your employer who is asking the questions or collecting the information. 

  1. Paralegal 

A paralegal, along with a legal assistant, provides support to lawyers by organizing and maintaining files, conducting legal research, and writing reports-all of which can be accomplished remotely. Depending on your field and location, you may need required experience. As an example, one opportunity has a requirement for litigation experience in California; another requires estate planning experience through staffing agency Equivity. 

  1. A social media assistant

Our social accounts are something we can't get away from. When you're one of those people who spend too much time on social media, you can use it to your advantage and get paid. Marketing and customer engagement are critical to the success of all companies, big or small. 



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