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IPhone 12 & 12 Pro Unboxing, ,Techlinknews

Remember when you evaluated a phone based on how smooth itwas when you were swiping from one page to the next?  Yeah. Which iPhone is that? 4?- The iPhone 4. This was my daily driverfor almost three years. - Oh, me too! (laughs) - It's a good phone. And that is why I'm so excitedto check out the iPhone 12. I mean, we haven't seen an update to Apple's design for theiPhone since the iPhone X. And before that, ithad been, I don't know, about 17 years since theyhad updated the design that they originallyintroduced with the 6.

So here in front of me, I have the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Unfortunately, we don't havethe Pro Max or the mini yet, but surely, we will get ourhands on them in due time. Oh, right! Interesting. The new Sticker Bomb skinfrom the one and only dbrand that is a limited timedrop, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, that you can check out at thelink in the video description. Now, what excited me whenI watched the Keynote for the iPhone 12 was this return to kind of a more squared off shape. I've always liked it, and maybe part of it is just nostalgia.

A lot of people around here assume that I'm some kind of Apple hater, I hate iPhones or something like that, but the truth is I actuallydaily drove this iPhone 4 for almost three years. And I've been through everything with it; I replaced the battery at one point, I had to replace the brokenhome button at one point, like I really wanted tokeep this thing going. I absolutely loved it. And part of what I loved about it was the industrial solidfeel of the aluminum frame with the glass sandwich, front and back. It's a design that I stillthink stands out today. And so seeing Apple make a return to this squared off design was something that was kind of exciting to me, even as someone who doesn'tnormally geek out over like,

"Yeah, like the design, thelines, the phone, you know." Honestly though, feeling it in my hand, I can't say that I like it asmuch as I was expecting to. Part of what worked so wellabout the iPhone 4 was its size, like it was very, very holdable. Remember when the lockbutton was on the top? Ha-ha, I remember that. Honestly, this, I find alittle bit harder to hold onto, like it either alternatelydigs into my palm or kind of slips out of it. To be clear, there is a sticker on it, a fancy sticker, buta sticker nonetheless. But I'm just finding it alittle bit, I don't know, sharp, in a way that I didn't find the iPhone 4. - [Andy] Maybe if you have a case. - I don't know, I'm more of a naked guy. You know, I'm a naked boy. At most, a fancy sticker. I don't really like a bulkything around my phone. - [Andy] Speaking of naked, LTTstore.com. - Don't be naked. Go to LTT store.com.IPhone 12 & 12 Pro Unboxing, Apple is Tempting m

(everyone laughs) Swipe around a little bit here. Okay, I got my news, thingsthat can be paywalled, so I can subscribe to Apple news for $14 or whatever it costs. Thanks for that. This is cool. Got my App Library. So this is Apple holdingthe hands of all the people that don't know how to make folders. My wife would benefit from this. For whatever reason, you still can't just putan icon wherever you want. Ugh! But yeah, I tend to just make folders and then anytime I don't need folders, Spotlight is so amazing. If you've been living under a rock, the main benefits of the iPhone12 lineup are as follows, and surprisingly, this is really cool.Techlinknews

Most of them apply to boththe 12 and the 12 Pro, which impressed the heck out of me 'cause Apple's beenknown to do things like, "Oh, well, you know, well, youdon't need a OLED display," or whatever the case may be. So we've got higher resolution displays, they're now calling it Super Retina. Apple has finally giveninto the pixels-per-inch war but in a way that I stillthink is reasonably sensible as long as it's not costingus anything in battery. More on that later. They've got support for 5Gacross the entire new lineup. As long as that doesn'taffect battery too much, that should be okay. although word on thestreet is that it has. and we're gonna have to wait for the upcoming iPhone 13 lineup to get a more efficient 5G modem.Techlinknews

We've got the A14 BionicSOC, which to my knowledge, is the first commerciallyshipping five-nanometer processor. So it's got an enhanced neural engine as well as a new image signal processor which should make the camerason these better than ever even though they're 12megapixels across the board, even on the iPhone 12 Pro. So you've got your telephoto 12 megapixel, your regular 12-megapixel, andyour super-wide 12 megapixel. And then finally, honestly,as crazy as this sounds, I don't really care that much about a new super advanced SOC these days. I mean, I am still daily driving a Note9 and finding it to befast enough for my use. The thing that's blowingme away here is the glass. On both of these phones, Apple is using a new CeramicShield glass technology that infuses the glass with ceramic that apparently makesthem more shatterproof, just across the boardstronger than anything that we've ever seen beforeby an order of several times.

I mean, is this the end ofshattered iPhone screens? According to some preliminarytesting that I've seen, these puppies are surviving six-foot drops and just shrugging them off. I mean, bad news for thethird-party repair industry along with all the other thingsabout the iPhone 12 lineup that are difficult to repair, but good news for anyonewho doesn't like replacing their phone screens all the time. That's freaking awesome. This video brought to you by drop.com. Drop's having a sale onall Drop-made keyboards until November 8th. It includes the ENTR keyboard that offers impressiveperformance at a solid value. The CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT keyboards which come with full aluminum frames and hot-swappable key switches, and their Signature Serieskeyboards where each component of the keyboard iscompletely customizable.

So click the link in the description below and use code FLAGSHIP20 for 20%off all Drop-made keyboards. One other big I-can't-believe-you-didn't-hold-out-on-mefeature is the ability of both phones,the Pro and the regular, to not only playback HDR content at up to 1200 nits peak brightness, but also record HDR content. Now both of them will do up to 4K 60 FPS, but the only difference between them is that the Pro will do HDR recording at up to 60 frames per second. So I'm actually usingthe regular one right now to just try it out. Let's record an HDR clip here. Whoa! Hey, hold on. Whoa. You could see itjust like right there, switched over into HDR mode. That is mind blowing. That is absolutely incredible.

I don't know how much of this you guys are gonna be able to see through my camera on your screen, but this is not an idealscenario for recording video on phones when I'munboxing them or whatever. There's studio lights shining in my face and a lot of really deep shadowsout there in the warehouse. I have never seen anythingpick up even close to this kind of detail in here. Look how smooth that is too. Holy schnikes, dude. This is crazy. Wow. This becomes one of thosecan-I-wait features, you know? 'Cause that's the question Android users find themselves askinga lot of the time is, well, iPhone users too for that matter is, "Is this worth switching for? Can I wait to have this?" Android phone makers are gonna come out with good HDR video recordingeventually, but can I wait? Damn! Sorry, I swear I will stop. Like holy (bleep). This right here.Techlinknews

No, hold on. This diffusion cloth looks so close to what it looks like in real life here. I'm blown away. Obviously, when you have areally strong light source, it'll clip, so you cansee my main light here, but my fill light, that looks like the wrinkles in the cloth. Here, let's just... Okay, let's pull out amortal video recorder here. So there's Andy looking all fly. Let's pan over here. Oh, looks like garbage. Okay, check this out. See how the entire scene dims as I point towards these lights? And how dark that looks,it doesn't look like that. But on the iPhone 12,look at that consistency. Even as we pan across these bright... Like what? Look at that dynamic range! It captures the whole thing. Isn't that nuts? - [Man] It's crazy.

(laughs) - [Andy] We should all switch to iPhone. - Oh! Okay. Sorry, I will move onnow. I will move on now. The notch is still here. Notch is apparently notgoing away anytime soon in spite of the fact thatwe got a global pandemic and without some weird, hacky workarounds where you hold the maskon half of your face while you set up Face IDand then an alternate look, and you do the other half of your face or something like that, really, Face ID does not work at all with a mask, and Apple has come out and said, "Well, it's not intendedto be used with a mask. You can just use a pin." In spite of that, we'restuck with Face ID. We're stuck with a frickin' forehead notch in the front of the phone.Techlinknews

I'm not a big fan of that. We're stuck with 60 Hertz displays. Right, I didn't evenrealize until I was like... Who doesn't use theirphone as a fidget toy? Until I was fidgeting,swiping between home screens. I was like, "Oh yeah,that looks like garbage". (laughs) I mean, it really does. 90 Hertz, even 80, 75. 75 Hertz would have been a big difference. That's all you had to do tomake me at least happier, Apple. But I also understand why they didn't. Word on the street is that,and I haven't tried it yet, but word on the streetis that battery life on the iPhone 12 lineup ain't great, and a big part of itis due to the 5G modem. So if Apple had gone and gone,"Okay, we're gonna add 5G, we're gonna add a higherresolution display, we're gonna throw a highrefresh rate display in there," they would have had endlesscomplaints about battery life unless they sucked it up and put a big battery in the iPhone, which I don't thinkthey're ever going to do. One thing they did do though is throw a ton of RAM in these puppies.Techlinknews

So there's a really good testover on EverythingApplePro where he shows thatbasically, with 6 gigs of RAM, that slow task switchingthat has plagued iPhone users when you have a lot ofapps open in the background is pretty much resolved. And that's the kind of thing that I also, like the battery thing, was sure that Apple wasnever going to address because it dramatically increases the cost of every single unit they sell. Whereas software optimization is something that only increases the costof writing the software; the handsets themselves can remain cheap. So you've got the fastestSOC, you've got a ton of RAM, you've got a beautiful display even if it only runs at 60 Hertz and they actually didn'traise prices for a change.

What do you think, Andy? iPhone 12, 12 Pro, winners? - [Andy] Look at my T-shirt. - Oh my God, he's wearing an Apple logo. (staff laughs) You're buying one, aren't you? - [Andy] I bought one for my wife. - "I bought one for my wife." - Yeah.- All right. - Not for myself.- You're gonna test drive it for her though, right? - Yeah.- Yeah, that makes sense. Which one should I dailydrive, the Pro or the regular? Pro.- Just go Pro? I mean, the difference is so small. You got stainless steel frame on the Pro, aluminum frame on thenon-Pro, like, hmm, okay. It's a little bit heavier. You got the extra camera which honestly, I probably won't use much, ugh. They both have wireless charging. Obviously, I think Appleis trying to phase us out of the whole pluggingthings into your phone thing, one connector at a time here. MagSafe charging, so let's go ahead and try out the MagSafe charger. Personally, I'm not expecting to be... What the hell?

What is this packaging? Oh, very funny, dbrand. (laughs) Okay, there, that's anexample of the Linus face drop that you can find link down below. Personally, I'm not expectingto be very compelled by MagSafe charging, but who knows? Maybe I'll be surprised. Personally, I got one ofthose multi-device things that Apple never manage to release. I'm a little bummed thatthis isn't detachable 'cause that means when this wears out, and you can tell just looking at it that it's gonna wear out,it's gonna be a bit of a drag. Which way does it go? Oh, there you go. Yeah, okay, so what'sthe key benefit of this compared to just a regularwireless charging pad? I guess just that italigns properly in place. Okay, I mean, that's cool. Oh yeah, we could try the LiDAR thing. What did I say thatapp was called? Canvas! How many things are called Canvas? There we go, Canvas:Pocket 3D Room Scanner. Confirm the side button. Oh, got the camera right there.

[Man] Keep it up, Linus. - [Linus] You sound like my wife. - Hold it up.- I'm working on it. "Preparing to process your scan," this is where your A14 Bionicis gonna come in handy. Oh, dang! That's cool. Now there's a lot of obstructions 'cause this is a film set, butcheck out the enhanced scan. - [Both] Whoa! - [Linus] Neat! Go away, I'm trying to... (clicks tongue) I'm trying to look at things. Okay, I don't... Don't show this info anymore. Go away. Stop! I just wanna look at it. (staff laughs) Don't show this info anymore. Okay, there, if I clickit, then will it go away? Okay. Oh, no. Here we go. -I mean, it'skinda like a panorama.Techlinknews

No, it's not 'cause it has depth to it. See?- Oh, that's true. - Now there's a lot of like... It's doing a lot of guessing, obviously. You'd need multiple scans toget a really proper room scan, but that's still really cool. Yeah, it really doesn't like this plant. Ooh. That's all I really have toshare about the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro for now. I'm gonna do a full review,I'm gonna daily drive it. I guess we'll do the Pro then? - Yeah.- We'll do the Pro and you'll have to find thatover on Linus Tech Tips. I might never use theLightning port again, and that's Apple's plan, isn't it? Techlinknews

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