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Nokia Wins NASA Contract To Put A 4G Network On The Moon,Techlinknews

Welcome to Techlinknews. “Nokia wins NASA contract to put a 4G network on the moon.” [Music] NASA has awarded $14.1 million to Nokia of America to build the first ever 4G cellular network on the moon.

Yes, currently on our own moon, 4G net will be run with none downside. currently you need to be speculative, why will National Aeronautics and Space Administration want the web on the moon? in step with National Aeronautics and Space Administration,

the astronauts in house will hardly communicate with National Aeronautics and Space Administration and plenty of times the condition of the astronauts remains unknown for hours. that's why National Aeronautics and Space Administration needs to create it simple to work the web in house so they will be simply contacted.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration has signed a $370 million value of contract with Nokia out of that solely $14.1 million are given to Nokia. NASA has signed this contract by suggests that of “tipping point”, a project to spice up analysis and technology in house. By the time 4G net is being put in in house, 5G net are used on the world by then. Before moving to any extent further, take the channel and additionally press the bell icon.

so additional approaching videos will reach you. National Aeronautics and Space Administration has not same however long it'll go for complete this project, however National Aeronautics and Space Administration has given the point in time of 2028 to Nokia to accomplish this project.With 4G net, video streaming are able to be tired the house while not interruptions.

currently before you think about that National Aeronautics and Space Administration is thinking one thing smart for its astronauts. I will tell you that i believe National Aeronautics and Space Administration is putting in the web on the moon to supply facilitate for the project blue beam. For those that don't seem to be accustomed to project blue beam,

I had uploaded a close video on that. you'll additionally watch that video if you would like. it'll become simple for you to know why National Aeronautics and Space Administration desires the web in house.

Moreover, if we have a tendency to think about, such news ar being revealed on the thought media from day to day that scientists have discovered such planets in house wherever humans will live a much better life than Earth. These planets ar larger in size than Earth thus there'll be no challenge of population and no danger there. Over and higher than this, writers write such issue just like the earth may be a terribly dangerous place for U.S.A. and that they have found a planet like heaven in house. thus friends! supported this whole information,

a Hollywood flick named Elysium was free in 2013. it's shown during this flick that the richest folks of this world as well as politicians, democrats, bureaucrats and everybody operating within the government agencies were shifted to a colony established in house. and also the poor folks on Earth work for these material resource. Several alternative movies are created on this idea during which the elites of this world ar shown shifting to house and once destroying the world utterly, the poor ar unbroken like slaves on earth.

So friends, the set up of those elites is before you. These folks ar destroying the world themselves and wish to make home for themselves in house rather than fixing it. They are doing all this as a result of in step with Islam the devil challenged God that he can modification everything that God created. He can modification God’s creation. Likewise, in step with the Word of God, the Devil isn't solely our enemy however God’s enemy too and he hates everything created by God on this earth.

He is aware of that a time can return once Israelite can come and He can do U.S.A. justice by thwarting Satan’s each move. And the earth are reconditioned. currently because the Devil is aware of this, that's why the devil worshipers i.e. the elites ar looking out a zero in house for themselves. as a result of they believe that {they can|they're going to|they'll} fight Israelite once He will return.

And if they succeed they'll take over everything, they'll become the house owners and also the gods of the planet. This is not reaching to happen and is simply their raw concepts. that's why they need an idea B too, during which National Aeronautics and Space Administration and also the elites of the planet pay cash to create such arrangements to make a house for them in house.

so they will run faraway from here on the arrival of Israelite. this can be their set up B. So friends, despite however laborious they fight, they need to die in some unspecified time in the future. And on it day, they'll face Israelite. wherever can they run then? Anyways, my purpose was to inform, what's happening within the world at once. thus let’s meet within the next video. till then take excellent care of yourself. Good bye.

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